World Trip — Last Stops

9 May 2014

After a whole month in Australia, I flew to Brazil. In Brazil I took a break from traveling, after the hard—work of three months in a row, walking at least 6 hours a days and taking tons of pictures. Brazil was only about eating mom's food, visiting friends, family, attending my sister's wedding and getting over a jet lag of 14 hours. There were not too many pictures, except for my sister's wedding.

After Brazil I flew to Buenos Aires. Although it's just a three hour flight, it was the first time I had been in Argentina. The first ride with the taxi from the airport was very impressive: very wide avenues, well—kept buildings — Buenos Aires is a very european city, that still has something very latin through the Tango. You hear tango everywhere in the streets or in the so called "Milongas" — which are bars where people go to dance tango. There are beautiful cafés and restaurants all over town.

I managed to find a whole apartment over airbnb right in the middle of downtown. It was an old apartment, spacious, with two balconies from which I enjoyed a glass of wine during the sunset, listening to the kids playing in the streets in spanish. Buenos Aires was a highlight in the world trip.

After Buenos Aires I flew to New York, where Reinhard was waiting for me. We stayed in Manhattan, also in a flat we found over airbnb. I find the whole airbnb concept very attractive: you stay with like—minded travelers, the apartments are often tidy and neat, I've been lucky enough to have very nice hosts — not to mention that the price is often more attractive than staying in a hotel. Meeting other travelers can be a good experience and you don't have to stay in a hostel to do it.

The highlights in New York were: Chinatown, MoMa, Guggenheim, The Metropolitan Museum,High Line Park ,The public library, Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, The Brooklyn Museum, Red Hook), Sky Bars last but not least shopping. The whole city of New York was a highlight. It's also amazing the amount on cultural activity that NYC offers. Shows on Broadway, ballet, concerts, museums. A nice event to show how small the world is happened the night we came out of a ballet show: I saw a couple I had met on a boat in Vietnam. They lived in Brooklyn and were coincidentally at the same concert as we were. Afterwards they took us to a tour on Brooklyn. A couple of days after that we flew back to Munich.

Route: Brazil, Argentina, USA

Days: 36

Average cost of a bed in NYC for two people: 120 EUR

Highlights: Rio, Vitória, Buenos Aires and New York

Cities: Rio, Vitória, Buenos Aires and New York